Fueling the future of healthcare transformation.

OnyxMP GrowthCo is Austin's premier healthtech disruption engine.

Innovating healthcare through telehealth and software solutions by connecting patients, physicians, and pharmacies to Direct to Consumer e-commerce brands.

You might know us from our platforms Rugiet Health and CompoundLive.

About Us

We are committed to transforming healthcare and making access equitable by investing in platforms, technologies, and brands dedicated to overall wellness through innovation and a customized approach.

Vikas Patel

Chief Executive Officer

19+ years management experience at Intel Corp. with strong background in product development, sales, marketing, and technology.

Sagar Janveja

VP of Finance & Operations

17+ years in M&A investment banking and corporate finance having worked at leading firms such as Banc of America Securities LLC.

John Sanchez

Chief Technology Officer

15+ years of experience with start-ups in software and Principal Engineer with 11+ years in software engineering & product management.

Vipul Khanpara

Chief Medical Officer

18+ years of experience in clinical practice as a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician.

Ken Bains

Chief Pharmacy Officer

18+ years as a sterile compounding pharmacist and consultant having founded and grown multiple pharmacies.

Tiffany Carr

Director of Software Sales

10+ years of SaaS and sales experience in client partnerships, sales cycle management, business development, and implementation.

Paul Robertson

Financial Controller

10+ years of financial analysis, reporting, and accounting and previously served in the U.S. Navy with tours in both Iraq & Afghanistan.

What We Do

HIPAA-Compliant Rx E-Commerce

Telehealth Platforms & EHR

Tailored Pharmacy Fulfillment Software

Brand Development

We are revolutionizing the healthcare industry by democratizing access to compounded formulations through the commercialization of our proprietary telehealth e-commerce platform and end-to-end software connecting patients, board-certified practitioners, and compound pharmacies.

Our dedicated eCommerce platform optimizes the telehealth experience by delivering an engaging front-end interface, fortified back-end operations for security, and seamless support for HIPAA-compliant processes, ensuring the secure collection, storage, analysis, and protection of sensitive data.

By connecting patients directly with physicians and compound pharmacy solutions, we ultimately counter the lack of patient choice inherent in today’s healthcare system and increase awareness and access to the most effective and custom treatments.

Portfolio Companies

We streamline healthcare through telehealth solutions, access to compounded medications, and enterprise-driven software.

Rugiet Health

Rugiet Health is an online digital market­place uniquely focused on expanding access to custom-made compounded formulations through Direct-to-Consumer e-commerce.


CompoundLive is an end-to-end telehealth
platform that utilizes access to our network of board-certified physicians, partnerships, and compounding pharmacies.

Strategic Partners

The Pharmacy Hub

Offering digital turnkey solutions for telehealth and pharmacy fulfillment, partnering with pharmaceutical, health, tele­medicine, and healthcare companies to deliver products directly to consumers.

Visit thepharmacyhub.com to learn more.


Promescent is a sexual wellness company that provides convenient and discreet access to sexual health and personal care products.

Visit www.promescent.com to learn more.

Hendrx Health

Hendrx Health is a concierge testosterone therapy platform that focuses on hormone optimization to enhance energy, libido, stamina, focus, and strength, tailored to the specific needs of each individual.

Visit www.hendrxhealth.com to learn more.

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